End to End Payroll-Personalized to Your Business

We provide the payroll services and solutions to start-ups as well as established companies and organizations of all sizes. The market intelligence based consulting we provide is a unique support for our clients strategic planning and operative decisions. Oxford Accounting Systems & Services recognizes the demand to customize payroll services to fulfill the customer’s requirements based on the organization. Our goal is to provide a complete professional service with a personal touch. We are always at your reach to assist your organization for a smooth run and we reduce the stress of keeping up with changing rules and regulations. Set your mind at ease on payday and assign the best to run your business smoothly. We find time to analyze your business initially inorder to customize payroll services to your exact business requirements which ensures that we provide the most effective services to the core.

Our Service Include

  • Master data Processed to current month’s payroll
  • Calculation of overtime, leave pay and terminal benefits
  • Verification of gross payroll
  • Calculation of the gross to net
  • Calculation of net payments and deductions
  • Individual employee’s pay sheets
  • Calculation Employees Terminal Benefits
  • Your Advantages

    Outsourcing payroll processing offers phenomenal advantages to the corporate sector, irrespective of their sizes, MNC’s or SME’s. Few advantages are:

  • Reduced cost
  • Eliminate fraudulent activities
  • Attention focused on core business issues
  • Avoid payroll information walking out of the door
  • Experts at your service
  • Compliance management
  • Avoid technology headaches
  • Sharing updates
  • Confidentiality